Onewheel Accessories



What is a Onewheel™?

A Onewheel™ is a self balancing, one wheeled electric skateboard that can go up to 19mph on or off-road. The large pneumatic tire can handle city streets better than a traditional skateboard or e-skate board because of it’s size, and it’s ability to absorb shock and turn on a dime. The Onewheel™ is just as capable off-road.  Even the stock tire can handle gravel, dirt, grass, and even hard-packed sand. Riding a Onewheel™ is pretty much the most fun way to go anywhere. It doesn’t feel as much like a motorized hoverboard as it does an extension of your body. Riding is often referred to as “floating” because of the euphoric feeling of cruising effortlessly on whatever terrain you desire.

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What is The Float Life?

The Float Life is the original 3rd party innovator in Onewheel™ compatible accessories. We design and create products that protect your board from damage, improve the quality of your ride, and to help you improve your Onewheel™ skills when you’re off your board.

Board Protection

Repairing a Onewheel™ is no joke — there is only one service center in the world and the process could easily take over 1 month and cost you hundreds of dollars.

The Float Life makes the highest quality and most durable Onewheel™ accessories to protect your investment and extend the life of your Onewheel™.

The most likely things to damage your Onewheel™ are environmental factors. For example, rocks and roots (in urban environments) can scrape the underside of your Onewheel™ and even damage the battery box. Off road, there is a lot more potential for damage to occur.

Float Plates For Onewheel™

Without protection, we’ve seen controller boxes break apart, bumpers crack in half, headlights break, etc. The stock plastic battery and controller compartments are weak and prone to breakage. Float Plates are engineered for over 3,000 PSI of impact so whether it’s a set of Float Plates V3 for your Onewheel™ XR, or Float Plates Solo for your Onewheel™ Pint, The Float Life has you covered!

Railguards for Onewheel™

The Float Life makes the original side protectors also known as rail guards for Onewheel™ rails, called SideKicks. Side rail protection is important because eventually, your Onewheel™ is going to roll, tip over, land on its side, or scrape the ground.

Sidekicks are the go-to premium Onewheel™ accessory that gives you the freedom to roll, scrape and thrash your board without your rails ever feeling the pain.

The Float Life offers a variety of colors and finish options, so you can get your board protected and looking incredible!

The Float Life makes SideKicks and Float Plates that are compatible with Onewheel™ XR or Onewheel™ Pint models.


Float Plates protect the underside of your Onewheel from environmental forces and pressure from drops.

SideKicks protect the side of your Onewheel from rolling damage.

Tire Protection for Your Onewheel

Have you wondered if you can get a flat tire on a Onewheel™? You sure can, but with a good Onewheel tire sealant, you can get a hole through the rubber, and not lose any air as the sealant will fill in the hole.

Our Stay-a-Float Onewheel™ tire sealant protects against punctures, flats, blowouts, porosity leaks and tread separation, and permanently seals leaks for less tire wear and longer life. From a stock Vega, to a Burris treaded, Stay-A-Float is 100% compatible with all tires! Plus it won’t clog your valve stem like other thicker sealants.

Stay-A-Float is engineered to a mid-level of viscosity to be not too thick and not too thin. Too thin and it will slosh around in the tire. Too thick/bulky and you have to use A LOT which increases weight and cost. With most applications only requiring half a bottle, Stay-A-Float is the Goldilocks of Onewheel™ tire sealant.

Protect Your Onewheel™ Rails

A common problem on the Onewheel™ is stripped threads on the rails.

Onewheel™ rails are the aluminum sides that run the length of the left and right side of the board. The stock rails are made of a relatively weak aluminum and the threads are not reinforced or as long as they should be. After years of frustration with bent rails and stripped threads we said, "Enough is enough!" So we set out on an epic journey (Lord Of The Rings style) to make the most heavy duty, beautiful rail upgrade possible and the result is the Homebrew Rails! For those who push the limits or the homies that enjoy a truly beautiful set up, these are our gifts to you. Homebrew rails are designed for maximum durability.

Improve Ride Quality

Foot Fatigue is one of the most common user complaints with Onewheel™ products and is the result of combining rock-hard (stock) footpads with long rides.

Enter the Kush Pad, our concave, cushy soft replacement Onewheel foot pad. Poured from an 80a durometer urethane (like a soft skateboard wheel), it’s forgiving under your foot and has just enough give to make foot fatigue a thing of the past, without sacrificing responsiveness! Goodbye wood, hello urethane! We tested multiple different durometers with a wide range of rider weights, shoe sizes, and riding styles to find the ideal amount of “kush”.

Onewheel ™ Tire

It’s no secret that the stock Vega tire on a Onewheel™ is only really good for beginner riders. It was not designed for a one wheeled vehicle, but actually for a Go Kart.

The Float Life has spent the past few years designing, testing, re-designing, and re-testing tire models that improve both on and off road riding. What we’ve come up with are tires that allow for sharper turning, better handling, and more precise maneuvers, while maintaining stability and avoiding speed wobbles. We’ve also reinforced the sidewalls, because a Onewheel™ tire wears very differently from a GoKart tire, and when you carve on a Onewheel™ you wear the edges much more quickly than the center. The Float Life makes tires that are compatible with both Onewheel™ XR and Onewheel™ Pint models.