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Onewheel Accessories

  ONEWHEEL ACCESSORIES - THE COMPREHENSIVE ONEWHEEL ACCESSORY GUIDE What is a Onewheel™? A Onewheel™ is a self balancing, one wheeled electric skateboard that can go up to 19mph on or off-road. The large pneumatic tire can handle city streets better than a traditional skateboard or e-skate board because of it’s size, and it’s ability to absorb shock and turn on a dime. The Onewheel™ is just as capable off-road.  Even the stock tire can handle gravel, dirt, grass, and even hard-packed sand. Riding a Onewheel™ is pretty much the most fun way to go anywhere. It doesn’t feel as much like a motorized hoverboard as it does an extension of your body. Riding is often referred to as “floating” because of the euphoric feeling of cruising effortlessly on whatever terrain you desire. The Float Factory 600 Broadway Unit C Sacramento, CA 95818 What is The Float Life? The Float Life  is the original 3rd party innovator in Onewheel™ compatible accessories. We design and create products that protect y